Ann Barbara Seig: Did The Colorado Medical Board Discipline This Psychiatrist Appropriately?

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Englewood, Colorado psychiatrist Ann Barbara Seig is the subject of disciplinary action by the Colorado Medical Board for unprofessional conduct. According to a Second Stipulation and Final Agency Order dated March 10, 2011 and publicly posted on the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) website, psychiatrist Seig (referred to in the document as “Respondent”) did the following:

“Respondent treated patient C.H. from approximately November 2006 through April 2009. C.H. presented with panic attacks, alcohol use and a history of delirium tremens. Respondent began treatment of a previously untreated hairline fracture of C.H.’s heel with Percocet, without data to support the diagnosis. Respondent doubled C.H.’s dose of Percocet within one week. Respondent doubled patient C.H.’s dose of Percocet in the following six months, adding Vicodin to 120 mg. daily doses, and refilled prescriptions by telephone, without office visits. In August 2007, Respondent made a note in patient C.H.’s medical record that the patient was emaciated, but made no plan to evaluate. In December 2007, patient C.H. continued to prescribe narcotics, but did not make any referral to or consultation with an orthopedist or podiatrist. After Respondent surrendered her DEA [U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration] registration, Respondent changed her diagnosis of patient C.H. from panic disorder to bipolar disorder, despite continued alcohol use and symptoms of benzodiazepine withdrawal. Respondent proceeded to treat patient C.H. with a combination of two antipsychotic medications, mood stabilizers, antidepressants and anticonvulsants.”

More unprofessional conduct with other patients is also detailed in the Second Stipulation and Final Agency Order. You can read the whole document here. (If the DORA login page appears, select Division of Registrations Board/Program Action Documents, click Login, and the document will appear.)

The disciplinary actions available to the Medical Board include suspending, revoking, placing on probation or otherwise restricting, limiting or placing conditions on a medical license. They also include a letter of admonition or other letter of reprimand.

So what did the Medical Board’s Panel of Inquiry decide to do with this psychiatrist? Answer: her license remains active with conditions, including five years of probation, an education program and practice monitoring, as detailed here. (If the DORA login page appears, select Division of Registrations Board/Program Action Documents, click Login, and the document will appear.)

What do you think? Did the Medical Board act appropriately under the circumstances?


14 thoughts on “Ann Barbara Seig: Did The Colorado Medical Board Discipline This Psychiatrist Appropriately?”

  1. The colorado Medical Board has done illegal actions against many doctors who did no harm . This is proof that colorado medical board does not care if harm is done or not, they will replace a investigator in a case and then revoke the license of the doctor.
    In this case there was a medical approach and the colorado medical board ignored her case.
    WE are untouchable

  2. Susan Miller a corrupt and dishonest administrator of the Colorado medical board
    Dr Rawat in Pueblo colorado killed a man and got scott free

  3. Susan Miller ran a racket in the Colorado medical board revoking licenses of innocent doctors , while ignoring tales of serious gross negligence in many doctor cases and covered them up.
    A doctor neurologist in Pueblo was excellent yet his licence was revoked by conspiracy at the Colorado Medical Board. Under guidance from Susan Miller who went to state officials and said that she is pursing a hot case.

  4. this colorado medical board needs to be Investigated by the Governor of Colorado as many other people in law departments may also be involved

  5. Is there some Law and order in Colorado thugs are running the state boards its obvious is there a man in the government to help check this unfairness.

  6. The Colorado Medical Board Fraud , Susan Miller Fraud, Fix this Board and the problems it has caused to innocent doctors open up the old files
    Is colorado DEAD

  7. Sounds like a lynching to me….maybe the FBI should be brought in to investigate the board.
    They are not above reproach….just sayin’

  8. This doctor is one of the reasons so many people continue to abuse prescription drugs and become addicted to pain killers! She must be stopped! Along with the many others. There are GOOD psychiatrists out there- Ann Seig is NOT one of them!!

    1. I’ve know Ann Seig since 1987. We trained together. She is a bright and very carrying psychiatrist. Medicine is not an exact science and every patient is different, with different needs and different treatment plans. Dr. Seig’s only “flaw” is perhaps she is too caring. Have been part of a Board “witch hunt” myself, they have unlimited power, with often limited information. Except in flagrant cases of personal substance abuse or inappropriate sexual relationship with a patient, the physician should have more power to defend themselves.

  9. I was being treated by a “therapist ” who wasn’t able to prescribe medication. She worked with Dr. Seig in prescribing medication that she (my “therapist “) her herself recommended. She then moved to another state. Dr. Ann Seig took over as both my therapist and doctor even though she was not accepting new patients. It was the best thing that could have happened. She was instructive, concerned and related to my condition like no one ever has. I never once felt like she was anything but exceptional as my therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist and mentor in behavioural therapy. She gave me such good advise and helped me through very rough times. I consider her to be the one who saved my life (after trying to take it) She was NEVER anything but respectful of my condition and was a support when I needed it most. I was sad when my previous therapist left but I got so much more from Ann, and I am frightful of what lies ahead of me. If someone has a condition that they feel is more than just a side effect of psychosis, which is common in my opinion as I have had similar relative experiences that I didn’t always share, then WHY didn’t they seek medical attention. I would NEVER fault Ann for trying to help her patients. I don’t believe I will ever find someone who can help me better than Ann has. A terrible injustice in this world considering the multitude of people that she helped…I would ponder that she has helped more patients (and difficult patients) in her field than the majority of others out there…she sure did help me. (long…but heart-felt).

  10. Not every shrink or therapist fits every patient. Much of the science of the brain is not understood at this time. Ann Seig is an intuitive, involved physician who sees her patients and includes talk therapy in her care which is rarely done. Her patience and therapeutic excellence are unparalleled in my experience. I have referred suicidal people to her and she has taken them on even when she is taking no new patients, she has adjusted their meds, gotten them on a survival course, improved their function.

    Physical pain is tightly woven into mental conditions. Pain meds often have psychiatric benefit. Are drugs to be frivolously prescribed? Of course not. But It is ignorant to think that physical conditions of a chronic painful nature can be ignored especially if a patient has primary or secondary psyche issues. In a health system where patient care is expensive, insurance has been almost impossible to get, and while chronic conditions are maladies that often lead to other maladies, one physician may find she or he is in a position to treat overlapping conditions.

    Surely the OBGYN community behaves like a GP every day. I am sorry for you that some postulate such hateful views on this page. I don’t know where it springs from but I have no doubt that if a patient received sub-prime care from Ann Seig, they should have moved on to another provider because there are plenty of patients who would love to take that place.

    I have been her patient after being rescued from a therapist who was driving me so far down I might not have recovered. Dr. Seig is a stellar physician and I would send anyone to her any day. I wish for the benefit of many that she is restored to practice. The slight mishandling of an administrative task should not cost the entirety of a medical license especially when she did all the hard work to overcome past actions. She verbally disclosed her prior situation to me as a patient so it isn’t a case of her “hiding” some dark secret. It has never been a secret.

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